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Kasingkil and Kasilasay

Below are pictures from Ernie Peña’s photo session with PKE in 2009.

Kasingkil: from the Maranao term singkil or ‘to trip,’ it is traditionally a solo or a dual Maranao woman’s bamboo dance that reenacts an excerpt of the Darangen where Paramatra Gandingan was caught in an earthquake caused by the tunong or forest spirits, but walked gracefully to safety out of the falling rocks and trees. In the traditional version of this dance, the rhythmic clapping of the bamboo is the musical accompaniment.




Pic 1: Kasingkil; Music: kasilisay
Pic 2: Kasingkil
Pic 3: Kasingkil

Pictured here: Jhoselle Padilla, Joseph Ramirez, Mochi Camaya, Bernard Ellorin, Eric Abutin, and Sev Reyes. The costume and instruments were obtained in the Philippines during the tribal tour and field research trips.


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