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KulArts Philippine Tribal Tour 2013

Tribes of Mindanao, Philippines
February 1-12, 2013

Excerpt taken from http://kularts.org/wp/programs/tribal-tour/. KulArts Tribal Tour

Since 2002, Kularts has conducted its one-of-a-kind Tribal Tour, a hands-on field study, custom-designed for participants to explore, discover, and draw empowerment from indigenous Pilipino cultures of Mindanao. During the 12-day trip, participants will engage in meaningful interactions with T’boli, B’laan, Maguindanaon, and Manobo tribal leaders, shamans & healers, and masters artists in their ancestral homes in Davao del Sur, Sanggani, South Cotabato, and Maguindanao.

Please note that there is an application and interview process for each prospective tour member. Eligibility for participation in this tour requires contacting Kularts for an application and meeting the Participant Qualifications.

The application deadline w/ $50 non-refundable fee is November 15, 2012 (no refunds unless tour is cancelled.)

Kulintang Arts, Inc. popularly known as Kularts, was founded in 1985 by Robert L. Henry, Marcella Pabros, and Alleluia Panis to support the work of Kulintang Arts Ensemble (KAE), a ten-member music and dance company whose contemporary work was rooted in the indigenous traditions of the Pilipino people.



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