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January 2013
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On the islands of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago, the kulintang and kulintangan (kulintang-on) gong chime tradition from the Islamized Filipinos are highly favored for celebratory occasions, weddings, social gatherings, and for driving away evil spirits.  Like the gangsa, it is an indigenous form of Philippine music that should not be mistaken as “MUSLIM” music.  Larger knobbed gongs and drum instruments are the main accompanying instruments to the compositions found in the Maguindanaon palabuniyan (Pah-lah-boo-knee-on), the Maranao Kakolintang (Kah-koh-lintang), and the Sama Tagunggu (tah-goong-goo) ensembles.  Dances among the Maranao, Maguindanao and Sama are for rituals, for re-enacting epic stories and mimicking nature.

The Maranaw: are the people of the lake who have refined the kakolintang (Kah-kolintang) tradition in their province of Lanao Del Sur. Professional musicians and dancers are highly favored to perform for any special occasion whether it be for the completion of Ramadan, weddings, or for social gatherings.  The Kalilang (Kah-lee-long) or feast with kolintang music is a ritual practice that is the essence of expressing the cultural arts of the Maranaw.

The Maguindanao:  As the people of the flooded plain, the Maguindanaon Palanbuniyan gong ensemble tradition of Cotabato province is divided into two styles: the Kamamatuan (kah-ma-ma-two-on) or old style and the Kangungudan (kahn-gung-goo-dawn) or new style of pieces. Instruments in the Maguindanaon kulintang ensemble include the kulintang, the main melodic instrument consisting of eight knobbed gongs laid in a row, the dabakan (dah-bah-kahn) the gourd shaped drum with lizard skin, the agong (two larger knobbed gongs) and the gandingan (gone-ding-on) the four hanging knobbed wide rimmed gongs used for communication.

The first video is a PKE practice of the Kapagnor performance.

Kapagonor: derived from the Maranao root word onor or professional, Kapagonor is played to welcome an important guest to a Maranao village.

The next video is a PKE practice of the Binalig performance.

Binalig: a kangungudan or new style piece that will be played on the kutiyapi two stringed boat lute.

Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble, in the past, has practiced at the Kalusugan Community Services Filipino American Wellness Center, located in National City, CA.  The footage was taken in 2006 and posted to YouTube in 2008.

The Tagalog word kalusugan translates to health in English.  For more information on Kalusugan, please click on the following link.



  1. hello. is your ensemble, or anyone else that you know, able to play a wedding? how can i get in contact with you directly? please let me know…it would be a great honor for us.

    maraming salamat.

    • Nievera Andrea says:

      hi Chris, I am in the process of getting more information. in the meantime, there is a master teacher – Danny Kalanduyan – who is offering private sessions. he is located in San Francisco. and his contact information is on our site

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